Hey y’all, I’ve just reached my 40th follower!

For me, that’s a lot, seeing that I really started blogging in August. Three years before, I made a go at it. But pressing in WordPress was not advanced yet, and it was hard to get publicity, and not many themes to choose from. That has changed now, so it makes blogging worth the while (why blog if no-one reads it). 

I want to thank everyone who follows, visits, likes, comments, scrolls! I enjoy hearing from you.

I’m really happy to share my images and thoughts with so many people, and to see so many cool blogs. Internet can be a mean, foul place, with gorillas flinging faeces at innocent bystanders, but I find that here, instead of being spiteful and jealous, so many kind hearted people roam around, appreciating life, people, and are willing to be nice, and complement others’ talents.

So thank you for that!






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