Old beats new. For my parents’ anniversary some years ago, we, children, bought a ‘reproduced antiquity’ in Austria from Scheer; a ‘Schusterkugel’, an old ‘lamp’ that could be seen as the predecessor of the electrical bulb. It consists of a water filled, glass sphere lit with a candle. In English it would be: ‘shoemakers sphere’, so you can guess to which purpose it was designed :). A lovely, architectural toy, that’s also very fun to photograph, every angle gives a different effect. How boring our lights are.

The story how Scheer got to reproduce this is also special: when they renovated the building, they found an old Schusterkugel, and decided it was so cool and stylish, they were to remake it. They company owners even use it as lighting and decoration in their own houses and company. ‘Its calm design is unique.’




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