So, thank you ㅡㅠㅑ52ㅈ for nominating me for the Liebster award!  To avoid misunderstandings, it is not actually a prize that can be won. It is a really nice way to promote small blogs, and show appreciation for fellow upcoming bloggers.

When you’re nominated, you are supposed to:

1 Link back to your nominator  check

2 Answer 10 questions from your nominator

3 Nominate 10 people with less than 200 followers

4 Give your nominees 10 questions to answer

5 Notify your nominees on their nomination by posting on their blog

2 What was your inspiration for your blog?
I was looking for a way to share photos, which make you pond at the beauty of life,  a stage if you wish to expose them beyond friends and family, and to see other people’s work, and get feedback.

Why this theme for the blog?
I’ve been looking long and hard for a theme without the famous three columns, where I was able to really show pictures to the full extent, so people can actually see them! So I love the width of this theme, and the ‘quiet’ layout.

Which is your favourite post on your blog…
And why?
I think it’s ‘Desert Storm.  ‘ I like ‘Spring’! for the bright, happy, but soft (evening colour), the cheeky narcissus that yodels ‘Hellooo it’s spring!’ in your face. But something in Desert Storm makes me want to look twice. Perhaps it’s a combination of the action, and the composition/details, the wind, that blows the sand over the dunes, the trail of the footsteps, the long shadow, the question ‘What draws the young man’s attention?’, the upcoming storm clouds.

What kind of comments do you get about your blog?
I get most comments offline, from friends and family, that they like the blog, they are impressed by the photos! That makes me very happy!

What kind of comments would you like?
I would love to have feedback of visitors on their thoughts.

What (regarding your blog) has gotten you down?
When I don’t get any likes/comments and don’t know why!

What (regarding your blog) has really made your day?
A day with lost of visitors and feedback!

How many alternative names did you come up with for the blog?
Not many, I wanted a simple name!

And how did you eventually decide on this name?
I choose to put my name in it’s original Greek writing, as it refers to the goddess of peace. So it’s Eirene’s photo’s and views- simply, because they are my photos, and views on what I come accross. Although I have to say, tagging along, sometimes I feel like adding my thoughts on what the picture represents, often, I feel I want it to speak for itself, to be able to allow people to have their own thoughts and feelings on the picture, especially as most of us are smashed with their daily information overload already :).

3 Most blogs I’ve discovered have more than 200 followers! So I remain obliged to answer this later.


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