sea meadow


Introducing the magic and deeply touching Skellig Islands, off the Irish Atlantic coast, where once few brave Christian monks roamed, now undoubtely ruled by Puffins, supported by few brave sea plants; probably thanks to this human reign, fertilizing the poor rock soil. Seeing the brow raising behaviour of some tourists (a vain Continental couple dropping backpacks during an endless portrait shoot on 6th century stones, another European couple comfortably planting their ignorant butts to have lunch in these frail pioneer plants) , perhaps it would be better off left to nature again. Anyways, what really moved me was the idea how monks came here, surviving in the raw elements of salt, sea, wind on an seemingly inhabitable rock; and nature blooming from this presence; apparently we do not only destroy, but create ecology too. Could’ve stayed there for days.

Landscape, Nature, Photography

Sea Meadow